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Have You Met My Vignette?

Lately, I’ve gotten really into interior decorating and home and lifestyle articles. I save a lot of Apartment Therapy articles from my Facebook feed, reading them voraciously as I lull myself to sleep at night, as though they were water to quench my thirst. And for whatever reason, I have become vignette obsessed as a result.

Also, just as recently, I’ve started working from home, spending most (if not all) of my day at my dining room table, with a Mission style console table behind me. Now, in front of me is a wall mirror. So, I can clearly see that console table behind me.


In order to stay organized and on top of my work tasks, I need my dining room area, my work area, to be neat. That includes the console table. This inspired me to set up a pretty little vignette atop said console, something I can view and admire in the mirror while I work.


Featuring my collection of Kurt Vonnegut books (Breakfast of Champions is my favorite), with a vintage Kodak camera and a pastel piece of artwork that I picked up from my work with Silver Lining Estate Sales (an adventure I must blog about at some point), I have put together a vignette on my Mission style console that is not only Apartment Therapy-worthy, but inspiring, too. It brings some positivity to my workday, while adding personality to my home.



As a writer, editor, and communications professional, I view vignettes as a form of storytelling. I hope that you get a little piece of my story in this one. Need tips? Read an article on how to create a vignette here.

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2 Responses to “Have You Met My Vignette?”

  1. Love it! I got OBSESSED with Shelfscapes when I redid my office. I’m always tweaking them. So much fun!