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I Think I Discovered a Hangover Cure

It’s called DripDrop, and it’s a packet of yummy, powdered goodness, which you add to your water, turning it into¬†professional grade hydration that is just as effective as an IV. Considering that during a hangover¬†one experiences dehydration, it makes sense that DripDrop works as a cure, although the product doesn’t showcase that as a selling point. But I think it should.

Touted as an oral rehydration solution (ORS) that provides three times the electrolytes, but half the sugar, of your average sports drink, DripDrop was created by a doctor for athletes, firefighters, the military, and basically anyone who requires professional grade hydration. Now, I’m nowhere near as active as the aforementioned folks, nor am a I professional grade party girl (those days are over), but sometimes I indulge just a little too much in cocktails and wine, and I could definitely use a quick hangover cure the following day.

Originally, I was given complimentary DripDrop with the pitch that it would be a great way to nourish my skin during the hot Las Vegas summer. However, I (literally) stumbled upon its hangover benefits when I drank a bottle of it the morning after a night of heavy drinking. The effects were immediate. Not even good, old-fashioned acetaminophen has been able to rid my hangover so quickly. DripDrop saved my morning and gave me a miracle cure that I have never experienced before. I’m sold and convinced that I need to keep a regular supply of this ORS in my pantry at all times. Heck, I might just start packing it in my luggage when I travel.

You can get DripDrop in two flavors: Berry (my favorite) or Lemon. A box of four powder sticks is only $9.99, but you can also sign up for a monthly subscription for $7.99. Need more than that? DripDrop also comes in packs of 12, 24, and even 100. Think of all the hangovers you could cure!!!

For more information or to make a purchase, go to DripDrop.com.



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