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How to: Halloween Nail Art DIY

[Featured above: Hot Designs nail art pens, $15 at Sally Beauty.]

Give me a glass of wine, some “Real Housewives,” and my pail of nail polishes and pens, and I am in heaven! If you’re a nail art DIY lady like I am, then you’ll love this Halloween-themed nail art DIY project from Hot Designs. Check it out!

Step 1: Using the brush portion of your Hot Design’s nail polish, paint all fingernails black (except the ring fingernails). Using the white polish, paint the ring fingernails all white.

Step 2: Pull the cap off of your Hot Designs white polish for the tip/pen portion. Draw straight white lines from the tip of your fingernails to the cuticles over the black base coat.

Halloween-Hot Designs2

Step 3: Using the pen portion of the black polish, gently squeeze the polish to create two oblong shaped eyes halfway down the white painted nail.

Step 4: Now create two smaller black dots below the two larger eyes to create two nostrils.

Halloween-Hot Designs8

Step 5: Using the black pen, draw a crescent shape line from one side of the nail to the next, and then go back to make tiny slash marks across the crescent line, creating a stitch look.

Step 6: Once the nail polish is dry, go back over each fingernail with a clear top coat to seal.

Halloween-Hot Designs9

For more information on Hot Designs, go to www.gethotlooks.com. Shop the brand’s nail art design pens at Walmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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