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Your Guide to Outlet Shopping: Outletaholic.com

I love outlets. But I don’t know where they’re all located. And, it’s not uncommon for my husband and I to be on a road trip, and for me to suddenly scream, “I want to go to that outlet mall,” with my husband quickly finding a way to maneuver our car onto the exit ramp without killing anyone. That’s how much I love outlets. We wreak traffic havoc in order to get to them.

But now with Outletaholic.com, I can search for outlet malls in advance of my road trip and plot my shopping ahead of time. I mean, preparation is key. And inciting road rage just so I can shop an outlet mall isn’t very nice (or safe). Thankfully with Oultetaholic, I can be a more courteous traveler and informed shopper. Think of it this way… Outletaholic is your guide to outlet shopping.

So here’s how it works: on the Home Page of the Outletaholic website, you get four options for finding outlets. One, you can use the search bar at the top of the page and type in a city you’re visiting and/or shopping. Once you click the search icon, you get taken to a page showing you your results. In this case, I searched Las Vegas. Being a resident, I can tell you, the results of my search are 100% accurate.

Now, you can click on any of the listed outlets and be taken to a page where you can view the address, website, phone number, store hours, brands featured at the outlet, photos, and so much more. Below is the directory for Las Vegas Premium Outlets -North, which is the outlet in the photo featured at the top of this post. It’s a really good outlet mall, and I highly recommend it.

Other ways to find outlets via the Home page are to click on one of the pink bubbles on the map, use the Browse Outlets button, or use the Browse Brands button.

I like the Browse Outlets button, because I can search by country and state.

We travel to California lot. So, I’m going to select the United States, then California. And when I do, the list of outlets  just goes on and on, including my favorite one: Livermore Premium Outlets.

california outlets

As I said previously, Outletaholic is your guide to outlet shopping. No longer will you only discover outlets as you drive past them during your road trip to another state. You can know in advance and plan ahead for some quality shopping time.

So familiarize yourself with the website and bookmark it now. Continue to enjoy the pleasure of outlet shopping by keeping yourself informed and updated on all the world has to offer in outlets. For more information, visit www.outletaholic.com.

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