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Go Shop Vegas

There is so much more to Las Vegas than gambling. And if you crave a Vegas experience that is a guaranteed win, your best bet is shopping.

A few years ago, I attempted to maintain a website focused on shopping in Las Vegas. But, between my full time job, freelancing, this blog and all the brand ambassador gigs that it brings, I just couldn’t invest the time. So I let it go.

I also recognized that many of my readers want to stay right here on Lollie Shopping to read about my Vegas shopping excursions. So, why send them to another website to do that? There’s no better place to cover Las Vegas shopping than here.

And no one keeps up with the Las Vegas retail scene like I do. It’s my job. Heck, let’s face it. It’s my obsession.

Las Vegas is a beast like no other. First of all, retailers are faced with marketing to two demographics: tourists and locals. Not surprisingly, these two groups are quite different, posing a challenge to stores. How do you attract both visitors and residents to visit and make purchases at your shop?

But here’s another caveat: both groups are also very fickle, which brings me to my second point. The shopping scene in Vegas is a forever changing landscape. For every new AllSaints store or additional H&M that opens up, there are other stores unexpectedly closing their doors – some locally owned, some not.

There’s a burgeoning Downtown Las Vegas scene with some shopping potential, but not all residents (especially those who live southwest and northwest) are inclined to drive there. Affluent suburb Summerlin offers an answer by building its own downtown, filled with the same kind of shopping one can take advantage of at Fashion Show Mall, but amid an urban landscape.

Of course Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without its luxury shopping. Oh sure, not many of us can afford to shop it, but damn, those store windows are sure something to admire! The Shops at Crystals is a vision board for a luxurious lifestyle in real life.

And believe it or not, Las Vegas can boast just as much affordable and thrift shopping as it can luxury. So if you seek to look chic without breaking the bank, no worries. You can do that in Vegas.

Two things Las Vegas lacks: vintage fashion and electronics/technology shopping. For a moment, a mere moment, Las Vegas actually had many vintage fashion shopping options. I even wrote about it for Los Angeles Times. Sadly, every single vintage fashion shop I wrote about is now closed. Isn’t that awful? There are one or two vintage shops still around, and collectors can find vintage fashion at antique malls and stores, but it’s just not like it used to be.

And as for electronics and technology, we’ve got two main options: Best Buy or Fry’s. This limited selection drives my husband nuts. Even our Sony store closed. That bummed everyone out. But, we still have Apple at The Forum Shops, Fashion Show and Town Square Las Vegas. At least that’s something.

So, despite our lack of vintage fashion and electronics shopping, my goal is to be your guide to Las Vegas shopping through a series of Go Shop Vegas blog posts. From luxury to thrift shopping, and everything in between, I am on a mission to share with you the best of Las Vegas shopping. I’ll even cover shopping for your children, something I’ve always avoided doing in the past. You’re invited to take my hand, and together we will go shop Vegas!

Come back next week when I’ll be writing about the hottest men’s store in Las Vegas.

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