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Product I Love: Forever Flawless

So the other night, I’m at an event, and a friend pulls me aside and asks what skincare I’m using because my skin looks great. My answer? Forever Flawless, which in Las Vegas is available at Skins 6 | 2 Cosmetics at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Forever Flawless uses real diamond powder as a basic ingredient in its entire product line. Apparently, not only are diamonds a girl’s best friend, they are also recognized for containing powers of miraculous and therapeutic abilities. And Forever Flawless uses diamond powder so that women everywhere can benefit from spa-quality skincare results in the comfort of their own home.

The entire line includes the Deep White collection (polish and hydrate), Vivid Blue collection (solutions for eyes, neck and lips), Core Black (age defying) and Apex Pink (collagen boosting), which is the part of the line I got try out.

I was given a complimentary Apex Diamond Enhanced Collagen Serum ($297) and Apex Diamond Intensified Collagen Boosting Cream ($297) to review, and it was love at first sight. First, the packaging is luxurious. If you’re the type of woman who keeps a neat and pretty vanity area, Forever Flawless will complement your collection of glam products.

Second, the Apex Diamond Enhanced Collagen Serum and Apex Diamond Intensified Collagen Boosting Cream smell like cupcakes, so much so that my husband even commented how yummy I smelled as we retired for the evening.

Lastly, the products work! I have been using both every evening for three weeks, and it was the essential nourishment my skin has needed, especially in this dry desert atmosphere I live in. Forever Flawless has been quite a rescue, because as I have been testing the skincare, I have also been running for exercise outdoors – exposing my skin to sun, wind and dust. And while my skin should have taken a beating, it’s actually held up quite well because of my dedicated, daily use of Forever Flawless Apex Pink.

Now, keep in mind that the products can be used morning and night, but I’ve only been using it at night and seen great results. Plus, the product is so rich in formulation that a little goes a long way. You know how with some beauty creams you have to apply a lot in order to cover your entire face and neck? And then you run through your product that much faster. With Forever Flawless, you won’t have that issue. I’ve been using my products for almost a month, and I have plenty to last me for another month.

Interested? Shop for Forever Flawless at Skins 6 | 2 Cosmetics at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas,  3708 Las Vegas Blvd. S.



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2 Responses to “Product I Love: Forever Flawless”

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  2. RANA

    I had an experience in las Vagas skin 6/2 I was serviced by a young lady haily and was recommended the Ora gold mask package for 2000 dollars which has 14 masks and they originally sell for 7000 and if you walk in they will give u a sit in for 500 dollars a trial. So I was convinced to try it and it felt good and They tried the Diamond infused instant wrinkle eraser retail 1000 dollar as quoted by haily . So I purchase the items and go online and find out that the mask is sold for 340 dollars the box of 12. Check amazon and check the place. I was so disappointed with the mistrust and the lies regarding the price mismatch between what was said and the website . So I. Advice that when attempting to purchase ask for the price list. Because the products did not have any price labels and online prices differe from shop prices. So what’s the bench mark. And how can we be protected as consumers