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Foot Care for Runners

We are well into the new year and spring is just days away. If you set a new year’s resolution to exercise and get fit, there’s a possibility you’ve taken up running. It’s great that you’re doing all you can to make a commitment to yourself and care for your health, but have you considered what running might do to your feet?

I hate working out, but running is my exercise of choice. I find it the easiest for me because, generally speaking, running requires no membership or class fees, or special equipment. Plus, running keeps the entire body fit from head to toe.

However, running can take a toll on your feet, which means you need to pay extra attention to them. Think about it: if you don’t take care of the health of your feet, you may very well have to give up running.

I turned to the experts at Carnation Footcare, a leading manufacturer of products designed specifically for foot care, for advice and recommendations on how to avoid foot injury. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Massage tired feet. You may think the aches and pains that come with running are the price to pay for exercise, but that is not true. Don’t ignore your pains. Treat them. Plantar Fasciitis (also known as runner’s heel) can force runners out of action for months. When left untreated, the damaged ligament may never heal. If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, stretching, resting and using Carnation Pediroller can help to relieve soreness.
  2. Relieve the pain from blisters. Breaking in new running shoes can result in painful blisters, but don’t let them prevent you from clocking your weekly miles.  Carnation Hydro blister provides rapid blister relief and protects your skin from bacteria and friction to help make your runs feel more comfortable and less painful.
  3. Wear correct footwear. First of all, let’s talk shoes. Athletic shoe makers produce shoes specifically designed for various types of running. There are shoes specifically for running on trails, while other shoes are appropriate for running on the treadmill. Be sure you wear and use the right shoes for your preferred type of running.
  4. Consider wearing insoles. Even with the right shoes, running can take a toll on your body, and insoles can help to alleviate that. Carnation Pressure Relief insoles are designed to reduce shock, pressure and the impact that running can have on your body.
  5. Don’t forget about socks! As with footwear, you need the right socks to run. Carnation Silver Sock contains pure silver and helps to eliminate the growth of odor causing bacteria. Also, remember to wash your feet after every run.

Lastly, seek a physician’s help if you have an injury that won’t go away. Running is meant to improve your quality of life, not impede on it. Talk to your doctor if you have a pain or ache that just won’t heal.

For more information on Carnation Footcare and the company’s products, go to www.carnationfootcare.co.uk.

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