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Five Favorite Fashion Moments on Film

We all have our favorite movies and favorite movie moments, but there are certain fashion moments on film that stick with us, influence our personal style and end up in our wardrobe forever. While there are many of these moments, here are my top five personal favorites along with recommended fashion to help you shop the look.

What are your favorite fashion moments on film? Leave me a comment and let me know. Who knows? Maybe I’ll do this type of post again and include your favorite!

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and the LBD
This fashion moment made the Little Black Dress (LBD) iconic, classic and a staple in every woman’s closet. Style tip: it’s best to have a variety of LBDs in one’s wardrobe. Aim for three to five LBDs in your wardrobe rotation.

breakfast at tiffanys lbd

Shop the look:

More BB Dakota…


“Rosemary’s Baby” and the Vidal Sassoon Haircut
Every woman should experience the freedom of a super short haircut at least once in her lifetime. Style tip: the best way to keep a short haircut looking cute is to use products designed specifically for short hair.

rosemarys vidal sassoon haircut

Shop the look:

More Sexy Hair…


“Flashdance” and the Gray Sweatshirt
While men will always remember the moment that Jennifer Beals removed her bra in front of her date, the rest of us will cherish the chicness of her off-the-shoulder sweatshirt. It appears she’s wearing nothing else, but she is actually wearing a black leather skirt that she hiked up in order to sit on a low pile of pillows. A gray sweatshirt with a black leather skirt is still a look a woman can wear today, especially when worn with red pumps. Style tip: DIY it! Take a man’s sweatshirt and cut the neck and cuffs to create your own chic sweatshirt look. If you want to be really edgy, turn it inside out, too.

flashdance sweatshirt

Shop the look:

More Aldo…


“Pretty Woman” and the Polka Dot Dress
Polka dots are back for spring. And even if they weren’t, you could still totally get away with wearing this look (without the hat and gloves, of course). Feminine and put-together, a dress covered in polka dots is one that you can own and wear forever. Shopping tip: scour vintage shops and thrift stores for a retro style polka dot dress. If the hem is long and frumpy, just take it to a tailor and have it taken up.

pretty woman polka dot dress

Shop the look:

More Manoush…


“Twilight” and the Hooded Jacket
I can hear you gasping. Yes. “Twilight” DID have one fashion moment. That BB Dakota hooded jacket is not only a must-own piece of outerwear, it’s wearable at any age (even I have one, in gray). A hooded jacket is just necessary, regardless of whether or not you have vampires in your life. Style tip: take yours to a tailor and have it nipped in at the waist. Doing so will increase the appearance of your bust line, while decreasing the width of your waist line.

twilight bb dakota jacket

Shop the look:

More BB Dakota…

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4 Responses to “Five Favorite Fashion Moments on Film”

  1. These are also some of my favorite fashion movie moments! Great post!

  2. I loved the post, one of my personal favourite moments in a film is the one from crazy, stupid love where Ryan Gosling takes Steve Carell on a make over shopping trip. Typical in chick flicks but you never see it happening to a guy. Ryan Gosling looks sharp in that film too.

    • Laura

      Thanks, Arash. That’s a great suggestion! I will keep that one in mind if I do another post like this. I love Ryan Gosling!