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A Las Vegas Fashionista’s Escape to New York

The moment I called my oldest BFF (oldest in terms of having known him since the third grade) to tell him of my divorce, he said, “I’m getting you a ticket to New York to come see me. You need to get away.”

I bawled.

If anyone knows me, knows what I need better than I know myself, it’s Joey. True to his word, within a month, I was in Manhattan visiting my brother from another mother.

And while a visit to NYC should prompt trips to museums, Broadway shows, and loads of shopping, this was my 20th time or more to the Big Apple, and all I really wanted to do was enjoy the pulse of the city and connect with my friend.

Taking a red eye, landing at 7:00 in the morning, and not being able to check into my hotel until 3:00 PM, I knew the first thing I would need to do upon landing was refresh at a spa before I could confidently face the chicest city in the country.

Under the guidance of fashion blogger Julia DiNardo, I went with Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa on Fifth Avenue, where I got a mani/pedi, a blowout, and a makeup application. Jet lag was soon replaced with glamour and style. Yes, it was an expensive indulgence. But, oh my, it was SO worth it! See the pic below. Thanks to Red Door, I look pretty good for someone with four hours of sleep.

Red Door Spa makeover

Now that I was looking appropriate, I then met with Julia, who treated me to a delicious lunch at Kingside. Getting there a little early, I indulged in a Girl Next Door cocktail before she arrived.

Girl Next Door Kingside

I’ve known Julia online for about six or seven years. This was the first time we met in person. And I’m elated to finally meet my friend and see she’s even sweeter, kinder, and funnier in person. What a beaut she is! I hope you’ve got her blog Fashion Pulse Daily on your must-read list.

Me and Julia DiNardo

After a great meal and meeting with a like-minded lady, I headed to the sanctuary of my room at Homewood Suites by Hilton. I selected this hotel because it’s within walking distance of where Joey lives. But also, I read the description and saw that it was an efficiency with a kitchenette, which I figured would come in handy in case I had leftovers from meals. Plus, it had a balcony, which I imagined to be one of those tiny ones that you normally see in Manhattan, but oh no! This pretty hotel room had a good size patio with dirt and everything. I completely fell in love with my room! Next time I go back, assuming I can get the same kind of deal (I only paid about $250 a night), I would definitely stay at Homewood Suites again. Joey and I had two fabulous nights hanging out on the patio and talking.

NYC hotel 2

NYC hotel 3

NYC hotel

NYC hotel furniture

NYC patio

NYC view

Again, because Julia advised it, and Joey agreed, I explored the High Line the next day. It’s a park that’s built on a historic rail line, and it offers great views and photo opportunities. I wore a super cute Nichole Miller dress.

Me Highline NYC






Joey didn’t want to get a farmer’s tan, so he took off his shirt while we walked the High Line. And all these women would do that thing where they pretend to be taking a selfie or pretend to be taking a photo of a friend, but what they’re really doing is taking a photo of Joey. I told him he was the highlight of the High Line. I mean, really? Can you blame them?


Now, you would think this fashion blogger would have taken tons of photos of the awesome street fashion. And believe me, I spotted a lot of great outfits. But everyone takes photos of street fashion, especially in New York. Plus, like I said, I was there to escape the stress of my current situation and not be “on.” I didn’t want to focus on my blog while I was there. I wanted to focus on me. So rather than take photos of outfits (or even shop, for that matter), I took photos of buildings and architectural details, because when I’m in NYC, that’s what normally captures my attention.

NYC building 1

NYC building 2

NYC building 3

NYC building 4

NYC building 5

As I wrote earlier in a previous post, if anyone is going to make a divorce at 43 and its subsequent midlife crisis look chic and stylish, it’s going to be me. And a quick jaunt to New York City was just what this fashionista needed to momentarily escape her reality to strengthen her resolve and return to face it with grace.

Thank you, Manhattan. Thank you, Joey.

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