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Epsom Salts: Beauty DIY

What do you get when you combine a beauty junkie with a lover of DIY projects? The answer is a girl who loves to experiment by making her own beauty treatments.

Now, I love to do something special for myself now and then and go to a spa for a luxurious facial or overall body treatment, but going to a spa not only costs a lot of money, but I also have to leave the comfort of my home and drive there. If you have kids, I can see why you would see a trip to the spa as an escape, but for someone like me, most times I’d rather just conduct my beauty treatments while at home. According to the Epsom Salt Council, I can do just that!

Epsom salt is a mineral of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium is actually pretty vital for good health, and if you’re not consuming enough of it, you can actually absorb it simply by soaking in a bath infused with Epsom salts. Pretty amazing, right? Here’s another great fact about Epsom salt – it’s super inexpensive! I found a 4-pound carton of it at my local pharmacy for only $5.

Interested in giving Epsom salts a try? Here are some easy and fantastic recipes to create your own Epsom salts beauty DIY treatments:

For more Epsom salts beauty DIY recipes, CLICK HERE.

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