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Discover Ferramenta Utensileria

New York transplant Giovanni DeSimone brings a masculine vintage edge to the style scene in Las Vegas with his burgeoning brand Ferramenta Utensileria. Established in 2007, DeSimone was inspired to start his line while working in Milan, Italy. He happened upon a hardware store and enjoyed the rustic, old school feel of the place, but he was also inspired by the treasures he found in the local flea markets. “I soon realized I brought back many items and didn’t quite know what to do with them,” DeSimone relays his story. “Back in New York City, I started to collect similar looking items at Hell Kitchen’s flea markets and Chelsea markets – searching for old keys, wood rulers and wood handled tools, metal stamping plates, brass items from old lighting fixtures.” In the end, the designer decided to dedicate himself to a lifestyle brand inspired by the use of vintage elements, signature detailing and Old World craftsmanship. “Today, we have committed to that standard,” says DeSimone.

The words ferramenta and utensileria each translate to hardware store and tool shop, and DeSimone has worked hard to develop the label’s voice and brand. “The font and logo were selected to give it a masculine, strong, regal and Old World charm look and sound, but the line includes men’s and women’s jewelry and accessories,” explains DeSimone. Overall, the Ferramenta Utensileria line features cuff links, limited run scarves, leather chain wallets, pocket squares, tank tops, T-shirts, tote bags and home decor such as handmade picture frames, jewelry boxes and rock inspired studded mirror frames.

For now, DeSimone is focused on keeping the brand relevant yet fun. He has no plans to expand into a retail shop or selling at boutiques. Instead, he would like to offer customers unique ways to purchase his pieces. “I am considering partnering with a couple of mobile vending trucks parked around Vegas.  I like the idea of being sought out and keeping it mobile,” DeSimone explains.

You can see and purchase Ferramenta Utensileria at this upcoming First Friday event, an art and music street festival in Las Vegas’ Arts District. “Vegas is ripe for new additions and new talent,” DeSimone says of his new home. “This city has a great reputation of always inventing and re-inventing itself.  Artists and designers can carve out a niche for themselves here while the opportunities are bountiful and, in some cases, untapped.”

Look for DeSimone and his Ferramenta Utensileria line outside of the Arts Factory (Main and Charleston) this First Friday from 5 pm to 11 pm. Be sure to connect with the brand on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all Ferramenta Utensileria events.


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  1. Marille

    Really like the vintage look!

  2. Ritengo che questa sia un’ottima idea. Pienamente d’accordo con lei.