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Dillard’s Summerlin Is Completed! Here’s What It Looks Like

While the big Grand Opening event weekend is October 9-12, 2014, Dillard’s Summerlin in Las Vegas celebrated a soft opening on October 4th. After having toured the new store while it was still being put together, my heart skipped a beat when I saw it complete. The ambiance is mesmerizing. The visual merchandising is stunning. And the entire shopping experience is indulgent, yet friendly; stylish, but still approachable.

I am completely captivated. I have shopped my fair share of Dillard’s stores, from Texas to California to Las Vegas. And the new Dillard’s Summerlin is by far my favorite, offering an incredible shopping experience that will keep customers going back for more.

I snapped some shots during my visit, giving you a first-hand look at the new completed Dillard’s store. You absolutely have to be there on the 9th for the big Grand Opening event. You’re going to love this new location as much as I do.

Dillard's shoes

Dillard's Boots 1

Dillard's UGG

Dillard's Ladies Dresses

Dillard's Fashion

Dillard's Karen Kane

Dillard's Ladies 1

Dillard's Handbags

Dillard's Cosmetics

Dillard's Kiehl's 1

Dillard's Chanel 1

Dillard's Michael Kors watches

Dillard's Men's

Dillard's Men's 4

Dillard's Men's 2

Dillard's Men's 3

Dillard's men's ties

Dillard's table setting

Dillard's table

Dillard's Home

Dillard's Christmas

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