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Designer Shopping Goes Mobile

Australian designer Nina Maya launches first into the Australian market and second globally after Ralph Lauren with mobile magazine powered by 360Fashion Network.

360Fashion magazine platform is a fully operational mobile phone fashion magazine with direct online shopping capabilities including active links and SMS functions allowing the user to contact retailers or brand head office as specified by the brand. The 360Fashion mobile magazine platform was created for use from low-end phones to high end touch screens in order to reach every customer’s handset.

The service provides:
· Click to call, sms and email Nina Maya
· Link to the Nina Maya website, videos and brand information
· Link to the Nina Maya online shop
· Geo-locate Nina Maya stockists on a map
· Coded Download for private events or information

Customers who download the Nina Maya Magazine can read interviews with the designer, campaign photographer, see backstage footage, purchase clothing items from their mobile phone, and click to call for inquiries about accessories. The magazine can be passed on virally via sms, Tweeted, and Facebooked from the menu.

Want to see for yourself? Email 360Fashion your mobile number and they will text you the Nina Maya Mobile Magazine, or you can download it directly by entering http://mobilemags.360fashion.net/10350 into your phone browser.

Now what I want to know is, which designers will be next to go mobile? And, which designers would YOU like to be able to shop from your phone?

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