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Update Your Sofa with Decorative Pillows from Novogratz

Are you over your sofa? Well, don’t list it for sale just yet. What if I told you that you could keep your sofa and simply modernize it’s look by changing out or adding in some decorative pillows? It’s true! This simple decorating hack could make you fall in love with your sofa all over again. Just switch out or add some decorative pillows and it’s like a sofa makeover. And, I urge you to begin by checking out the new line of decorative pillows by husband and wife creative duo Novogratz, which just launched today at Walmart as part of the new Fall 2014 Novogratz Bath & Bedding Line.

Decorative pillows are to your sofa what fashion accessories are to your wardrobe. Think about your favorite LBD, and how you’re able to change up its look simply by wearing different shoes or carrying a different bag. It’s the same thing with decorative pillows. It’s not your sofa that needs to be replaced. It’s the pillows!

Did you inherit a sofa and think it’s too old-fashioned? Maybe it just needs a touch of modern whimsy with a retro flair. Try the royal set below.

royal decorative pillow 1

royal decorative pillow 2

Or if your sofa comes off dark and dreary, just add some color and pattern! It’s amazing what colors and patterns can do to cheer up the look of your living room.

Novogratz color and pattern

Novogratz colorwheel pillow

And if you’re trying to upgrade your sofa’s look, while maintaining the masculine ambiance of your living area, try a handful of these artistic ram-designed pillows. They look fancy without looking prissy.

novogratz ram pillow

Of course, consider mixing up the pillows to make a real statement. Like, imagine the ram pillow with a yellow patterned pillow and green patterned pillow. The possibilities are endless! And because all the Novogratz decorative pillows at Walmart are under $24, you won’t have to break the bank to give your sofa the makeover it needs.

So give your sofa a second chance, and stop by Walmart to shop the new Novogratz Bedding and Bath Line, which also includes beds-in-a-bag, shower curtains, and bathroom accessories. Click here to shop the collection online now.

This blog post is sponsored, but my enthusiasm for the line, especially the decorative pillows, is 100% authentic. 

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14 Responses to “Update Your Sofa with Decorative Pillows from Novogratz”

  1. Maggie

    LOVE IT! going online to buy it now

    • Laura

      Thanks for commenting! I think you’re going to love it more in person. And at these prices, you can’t go wrong. Happy shopping!

  2. Michelle

    Love this line!! So excited to get these mod pillows at such an affordable price

  3. I totally need the royal set!! So adorable!! xoxo

  4. I love the King & Queen pillows! I need to suggest that to my friend who is a complete Anglophile! 😉

  5. Amara

    Ram pillow=amazing!

  6. Rachelle

    Must have those, awesome pillows! They are so cute, thanks for posting 🙂

    • Laura

      Thanks for stopping by, Rachelle! The pillows look great on beds, too. And I think your boys would love the bright colors!

  7. Vicki Soares

    I’m not sure how these can be any cuter in person – love love love the design, selection and attractive price points! Looking through the site now and falling in love with so many pieces!