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What I’m Drinking Now (Besides Vodka): Cucumber, Lemon, Mint Water

Water… it’s essential! We’ve always heard the rule that one should drink eight glasses of water per day, but according to the Mayo Clinic, the answer isn’t as easy as that. In fact, how much water you should be drinking per day depends on how active you are, what climate you live in (I live in the desert, so I imagine I require more water than someone who lives in Seattle), and your health status.

However many glasses of water you should be drinking, the fact remains that you should be drinking it – daily. Bottled water is one way, but it creates a lot of plastic waste. Most people prefer to get their water from their refrigerator dispenser (and rely on a Ukf8001 filter to purify it) because it provides all the water a person needs without all the waste. I find that I’m more apt to drink more water when it’s infused with cucumber, lemon and mint. Adding slices of cucumber and lemon and sprigs of mint to my water creates a wonderful flavor and fragrance and makes me feel as though I’m drinking something more luxurious than plain ol’ water.

Additionally, lemons and cucumbers contain Vitamin C, which is good for you. A lot of health enthusiasts also claim that drinking this type of water is cleansing and works as a natural detox, but I couldn’t find any real evidence to substantiate that. All I know is that it tastes good, it smells good, it looks pretty in a pitcher, and I’m drinking even more water now because of it.

How much water should you be drinking each day? Use this survey at About.com to find out. Set aside the soda and sweet tea. Don’t let water bore you, and just add some cucumber, lemon and mint. Your complexion (and possibly other areas of your body) will thank you for it.

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    • Laura

      Thanks, Gina! Hey, if I can get the approval of a certified trainer, then I must be doing something right! 🙂