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Cintas UItra-Lounge Fashion Show

During the recent Global Gaming Expo 2015, which took place here in Las Vegas September 28-October 1, Cintas Corporation flexed its fashion influence by presenting an Ultra-Lounge Fashion Show, showcasing the future trends of modern and sexy uniforms that can rev the engine of any casino, ultra lounge or nightclub scene.

Cintas Fashion Show at Integrated Resort Experience (3)

In Vegas, nightlife is an important part of our economy, and smart owners and managers know that the visual design and ambiance of their venues are imperative to their success. This includes server, bartender, and staff uniforms. Cintas executives encourage hospitality companies to take an active and engaged approach in apparel selection when choosing the direction of their branding.

Cintas Fashion Show at Integrated Resort Experience (2)


The Cintas event featured seven unique collections, including environmentally friendly apparel and suiting options:

For more on the Cintas Ultra-Lounge Fashion Show, watch the video below.

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