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Chris Pratt Braids His Wife’s Hair. Why Won’t My Husband Braid Mine?

It’s been an on-going debate in my marriage for decades (we’ve been married over 20 years, so, yes, decades), but my husband just outright refuses to learn how to braid my hair.

So when actor Chris Pratt, star of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” not only posted a photo on Instagram of a French braid he did on his wife’s hair (actor Anna Faris), but also performed a live braiding session for “Entertainment Tonight,” I couldn’t help but post the video snippet (see below) on my husband’s Facebook wall and challenge him. “See?” I wrote, “Chris Pratt knows how to braid hair!”

My spouse’s argument has always been that he’s too “manly” to braid hair. And since Chris Pratt is quite the hunky, hunky, manly-man himself, victory was now mine. I had my husband’s back against the wall. He could no longer use the “manly” argument as an excuse. And, I did what any good wife would do (especially a Latina one); I pressured him and needled him to admit that being “manly” had nothing to do with it. Why on earth won’t he just braid  my hair? At last, he confessed.

Him: “It’s just another thing to do.”

Me: “What do you mean? It’s another thing on your to-do list?”

Him: “Yes. And if I never learn to braid, then I don’t have to do it.”

Me: “Are you afraid that if you learn to braid hair I’m going to take advantage of you and make you do it all the time?”

Him: “Exactly.”

Eh, he’s right. I would TOTALLY make him do it all the time, maybe not every day, but at least once a week.  I mean, I LOVE being pampered, especially by my husband. I love it when he dotes on me, rubs my feet, builds this blog (he’s building me a new and improved one, by the way), and builds me a dressing room (once I get it all organized, I will blog about it). Plus, my husband is totally built like Chris Pratt. I kid you not. Do you know how hot that would be to have a shirtless, muscle man braid my hair? It would be SO AWESOME!

But, as much as I enjoy being treated like a queen, I love my husband more. And, if he doesn’t want another obligation added to his to-do list, well, honestly, I don’t blame him. I can be pretty demanding. Chances are braiding my hair in the morning as we both prepare for work would probably evolve into a bicker match. And I certainly don’t want that.

My fantasy of my husband braiding my hair will just have to remain a fantasy. I will live vicariously through Anna Faris and just continue to appreciate my hubby for the million of other things that he does do for me.

Watch Chris Pratt braid hair and field an interview at the same time:

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