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Bright Eyes for the Holidays

“We have all heard the saying ‘eyes are the windows to our soul’ which I believe wholeheartedly,” says Shannon Liberty, skincare expert and owner of Shannon’s Serendipity Skincare. “But what if our eyes don’t reflect the way we feel inside? No one wants to hear ‘you look tired’ when we aren’t! Tired eyes makes us look older, no doubt about it.”

The skin around the eyes is very delicate, thin, and it contains little subcutaneous fat tissue which makes it vulnerable to fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. Aging isn’t the only culprit; there are many factors that contribute to our peepers not looking their best. Lack of sleep and stress are the biggest influences, especially around the holidays.

Liberty offers some easy tips for keeping your skin and eyes looking as bright as the lights on your holiday tree. She recommends trying this:

Visit Shannon’s Serendipity Skincare in Las Vegas at 9975 S. Eastern Ave., Suite #130. Book an appointment by emailing Liberty directly at shannon.serendipity@yahoo.com.

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