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Breaking Up with Your Hair Stylist

Bad news… I had to break up with my hair stylist last weekend.

It really sucks, because craft-wise, she’s pretty damn awesome. Customer service-wise, she had absolutely no respect for my time. No matter how well I tipped her, how punctual I was for my own appointments, how long I’ve been a loyal client, she often ran late and expected me to just put up with it. It was difficult, and completely inconvenient, but I had to put an end to our business relationship. While she may have no respect for my time, I certainly do.

Whether it’s your hair stylist, nail tech, or personal stylist, if you’re a respectful, paying customer, you deserve to be treated with the same amount of courtesy and consideration as you treat them. There are plenty of other beauty and style professionals around. If you’re getting shoddy service, take your business elsewhere.

No one wants to be an over-demanding customer who feels entitled to special treatment, but when is it completely reasonable to break up with your hair stylist?

  1. When her rates go up, but her quality of service doesn’t. Professional hair stylists should always be attending conventions, trade shows and classes to learn everything new that’s happening in the hair world. When you read about a new hair trend in Marie Claire, but your hair stylist has never heard of it, it’s time to break up.
  2. When he’s drama. If your hair stylist is constantly unloading all the negative bullshit going on in his life, ditch him. Your hair salon should be a sanctuary. You shouldn’t be paying your stylist $80, plus a tip, to listen to his drama.
  3. When she doesn’t respect your time. You’ve got things to do and goals to accomplish. If you made it a point to show up to your hair appointment on time, but your stylist doesn’t get you into her chair until half an hour later, move on. She’s obviously overbooking herself or filling her appointment book with inconsiderate customers who impede upon your own schedule. Respect yourself and find someone who knows how to manage her time and her business.

So once you’ve broken up with your hair stylist, what do you? First off, DO NOT COLOR OR CUT YOUR OWN HAIR! I mean, if you’ve done it before and are pretty good at it, then go ahead. But… if you’re the average woman with no beauty school education whatsoever, hold out until you get an appointment with another stylist.

Bite the bullet and audition several stylists until you find one you love. As you go through your search, have these hair stylists perform maintenance services only, such as root touch-ups and trims. Do not use a new stylist you’ve never seen before for a drastic hair service, like going from long hair to a short bob, or going from brunette to blonde. That’s way too risky.

Depend on several resources to find a new hair stylist:

And when you do break up with your hair stylist, be kind but honest. Let him/her know the reason why, but wish him/her the best. There’s no reason to turn the situation into a debate, because chances are that your hair stylist never had any intention of offending you and losing your business. Be the bigger person, and just move on.

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2 Responses to “Breaking Up with Your Hair Stylist”

  1. OK… I am a total hair slut. I’ve gone to the same stylist a few times for a while, but never long term. And I am going today to fix a bad self-hair cut. When will I learn? NEVER!

    Also, I have to say that I do single process coloring, and I used to go to the salon for that, but have found a great at-home organic hair color kit for $20 at Whole Foods. It’s the only home coloring that doesn’t fry my hair.

    But other than that, you are so right!

    • Laura

      Hi, Jennine. Thanks for that tip on the single process coloring at Whole Foods. What a deal! As I search for another good stylist, I will probably have to slut it around a bit, too, and I may have to resort to coloring my own hair at some point. So that advice is really helpful. Thanks!