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Buy More Shoes! Use This Book to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Saving money in one area of your life, allows you to spend it elsewhere. Of course, you can spend it responsibly like using it toward a down payment on a home or paying for your child’s education. Or, you can be like me and just buy more shoes!

The Budget Savvy Diva’s Guide to Slashing Your Grocery Bill by 50% or More: Secret Tricks and Clever Tips for Eating Great and Saving Money introduces you to a myriad of methods for spending only half of the usual amount of money that you normally spend on food so you can spend your saved money on something else. And the best part of this book is that it takes you beyond clipping coupons.

I have no interest in becoming an “extreme couponer” nor stockpiling my goods, and budget savvy author Sara Lundberg offers many other ways to save on groceries. Chapters Five and Six do cover the art of collecting coupons and stockpiling your buys, but Lundberg has so many other ideas to try as well.

The first thing the author does in Chapter One is sell us on the idea of menu planning. If you’ve never done it before, she walks you through the concept of planning a day ahead. And if you’re ready for it, she also walks you through planning a week ahead. But Lundberg blew my mind when she went into detail about planning, cooking and freezing a month’s worth of meals.

Now my husband (who is built like an action figure and is very particular about what he puts into his body) and I pretty much eat the same meals every day. And considering that each evening when I come home from my full-time job, I’m too tired and grumpy to cook, this method for taking one weekend a month to prepare and freeze my meals in advance is perfect for us.

In essence, Budget Diva’s Guide to Slashing Your Grocery Bill by 50% or More is like taking a class on grocery shopping. Lundberg breaks down the stores for you and how they merchandise. She tells you the best time of the day to shop and even how to think outside of the box. For example, not all your grocery shopping should be taking place at one single grocery store all the time. She encourages you to shop around… everywhere. Did you know that a gallon of milk is often cheaper at a gas station rather than your favorite grocery store? The author even shows you how to revive stale bread and offers many budget savvy recipes.

So, if you could use a little extra padding in your shoe budget (or want to start saving up for Junior’s college), then the Budget Diva’s Guide to Slashing Your Grocery Bill by 50% or More is a must in your home library. While you’re at it, bookmark and visit daily Lundberg’s website BudgetSavvyDiva.com, where the author posts recipes, coupons and sale alerts.

CLICK HERE to purchase the Budget Diva’s Guide to Slashing Your Grocery Bill by 50% or More.

*Complimentary book received for this review.

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