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Want More Friends? Trade in Your Wine Glass for a Beer Mug.

Generally speaking, I’m a wine drinker, but I’ve been known to attend a beer fest or two. According to a study conducted by Budweiser, it turns out that if I want to make a good first impression, I need to stick to drinking more beer and less wine.

Based on a representative survey of 2,000 Americans (ages 21+),  70% of women and 59% of men believe that people who drink domestic beer (such as Budweiser) appear to be more approachable. In Nevada, those percentages increase to 71% of women and 62% of men.

One of the things revealed in this study is that most Americans believe that you are what you drink. Sixty-one percent of them theorize that what a person drinks at a bar gives significant clues about his or her personality.

The number two drink on the “approachable personality” list is imported beer, while wine came in at third. So, the next time you’re saddled up to the bar and wondering what to drink, think twice about your selection. If you’re single and hoping to attract some flirtations, or just looking to make new friends, consider domestic beer. Being relatable, attainable, and approachable are great ways to bring platonic relationships and romance into your life. And if a beer can help with that, well, why not give it a try?

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