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Beauty Review: GLO Solo Teeth Whitening

As a wine and coffee drinker, and a former braces wearer, I concern myself with the color of my teeth. I really appreciate the advances that teeth whitening product makers have achieved, especially with those designing products that are designed for on-the-go use.

However, ever notice how these same products can’t be used right after you brush your teeth? I learned that painful lesson the hard way. But now with GLO Science GLO Solo G-Vial Whitening Gels ($45 at Sephora), you can whiten your teeth on-the-go, right after you’ve brushed your teeth, without any sensitivity or discomfort.

The system includes a petroleum-like gel that you apply to the inside of your lips (or on your gums, if you prefer), which alleviates any pain normally associated with teeth whitening. And the formula itself works! The GLO Solo system is designed to work after two weeks, but I saw an improvement in my own teeth after only one week.

There are no trays to use. You apply the whitening gel directly onto your teeth. After 15 minutes, the formula dissolves on its own, and you can continue to eat, drink and kiss after that.

Affordable and effective, I highly recommend GLO Solo G-Vial Whitening Gels for on-the-go teeth whitening. Pain-free and easy-to-use, it’s the teeth whitening system you want to keep in your beauty cabinet for those times when you need to add some glow to your stylish smile. CLICK HERE to purchase it now or go to www.gloscience.com to learn more.

*Complimentary product received for review.

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2 Responses to “Beauty Review: GLO Solo Teeth Whitening”

  1. Charlene

    We sell this product at my job and I’m really excited to try them! I have the system that costs $200+ and I was really happy with it. The Solo system is so portable and requires no electricity. I’m sure to be a fan of this whitening system as well. Thanks for the review.

    • Laura

      Hi, Charlene. Thanks for the feedback. I agree. GLO is definitely a teeth whitening brand that should be on everyone’s radar. 🙂