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Beauty Review: Scentbird Perfume Subscription

I am loving the fashion and beauty subscription trend. It’s such a great way to try new things, discover new products and fashion, and switch up your personal style for a nominal fee. Add Scentbird to your subscription service radar, and try out a variety of designer fragrances for only $14.95 per month.

While I adore a woman with a signature fragrance, unlike her, I select fragrances based on my mood, outfit, and what I plan on doing that day. And with Scentbird, you can sample a plethora of fragrance options and add something new to your scent wardrobe.

You begin by taking a quiz about your personality, taste, and scents that you prefer. From there, Scentbird makes some recommendations based on your answers, and you choose one to try out for the month. Below is what Scentbird suggested for me, all of which sounded great! It was difficult to select only one.

Scent Bird Recommendations

As you hover over each recommended fragrance, you’ll see a description of its notes pop up. After reading through all the descriptions, I decided Burberry Brit Sheer was the scent for me, and that definitely proved to be true. When I wear it, I get lots of compliments!

Scent Bird Recommendations - Description

You’ll receive your selected perfume in a sleek black purse-sized atomizer with a velvet carrying case. I keep mine with me at all times, even layering the fragrance over whatever I sprayed on that morning. In fact, I’m loving my chosen scent for the month so much that I may go out and purchase the full-size version.

Scentbird offers 350+ fragrance options, featuring brands like Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana. I mean with so many to choose from, how could you possibly go wrong? For more information or to take the quiz and sign up for Scentbird, visit www.scentbird.com.

Complimentary product received for this beauty review, but did not affect my opinion.

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