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Beauty Review: myfaceworks

It’s weird-looking and it’s wet, but it works. myfaceworks is a paper face mask you lay upon your face to nourish, replenish, detox or relax. In fact, this beauty product comes in so many various formulations that you will easily find a mask for you no matter what condition your skin is in. And because some days you find your face looking more tired than usual or puffier than usual, you’ll find masks for those times, too.

Let’s face it (pun intended), squeezing a face mask product from a tube then applying it onto your face with your hands can be messy and even discourage you from using a mask regularly. But with myfaceworks, you just open up the package, which is made from recycled paper, unfold the paper mask, which is bio-degradeable, and stick it onto your skin. It feels wet and goopy, but it doesn’t slide off nor drip. It’s basically mess-free, giving you no reason to not use a face mask weekly or even every other day.

My journey with myfaceworks began with the brand’s starter kit, a variety pack of various masks. I was instantly drawn to the ‘i need to relax’ mask, because, well, I needed to relax. My all-time favorite scent to relax to is lavender, and as I placed the mask on my tired punum, I was transformed to a comforting field of lavender as I lay on the sofa for a little R and R. A few days later, and after a late night, I began my morning with ‘i need to wake up,’ because, well, I needed to wake up. My skin felt nourished and looked radiant all day long, despite the fact that I had not gotten my full eight hours of sleep.

From ‘i need a quickie’ to ‘i need to heal’ to ‘i need to be firm,’ it is so easy for you to put together a beauty mask routine to support you throughout the year. In Las Vegas, you can purchase myfaceworks at Skins 62 Cosmetics at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 3708 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Or purchase the masks online at www.myfaceworks.com.

Complimentary product received for this blog post.

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3 Responses to “Beauty Review: myfaceworks”

  1. I love paper face masks! Your skin feels so plum after using them!

  2. so plump not Plum…lol they are huge in Japan!

    • Laura

      LOL Christie. We knew what you meant! I didn’t know they were huge in Japan. Makes sense. Seems like the Japanese set the skincare trends. I’m now an addict to myfaceworks masks now for sure! =)