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Beauty Review: Kerastase Nutritive

While the weather has been absolutely gorgeous in Las Vegas (sorry for the rest of you still dealing with snow), it has been dry. And my hair has been battling to stay shiny and bouncy. So I turned to the Nutritive Collection from Kerastase as a defense, and it really helped!

Just look at how healthy my hair looks in the photo above. That’s right after a wash and self-blowout. The system works best as a whole. So the first thing I do is use Immersion Nutritive, a pre-shampoo nutrition replenisher. I let it set in my hair for 10-15 minutes prior to shampooing.


Then I hit the shower and shampoo with Bain Satin twice. Yes, twice. That’s to make sure I get all of the Immersion Nutritive out of my hair. After shampooing, I condition with Lait Vital, allowing it to sit in my hair for several minutes before I rinse it all out.

kerastase shampoo and conditioner

I towel dry my hair then blow dry to get most of the moisture out. Once my hair is about 50% dry, I massage Touche Perfection, a nourishing balm, into the ends of my hair before I blow it out with Conair Infiniti Pro Spin. Afterward, my hair is shiny and bouncy, and I’m happy.

kerastase 2

Again, the products work best when used as an entire system. So don’t think you can just buy one product and it’s going to help your hair. If your hair has been lacking in luster and health, then you definitely want to give Kerastase Nutritive a try. It’s nourishing. It’s protective. It’s your rescue after a difficult winter. Leave the harshness of the outgoing season behind you and spring into a new season with bouncy hair by using the Nutritive Collection from Kerastase. For more information, CLICK HERE to visit the Kerastase website.

Complimentary product received, but did not affect my opinion.

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