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Beauty Review: Relaxing Intensive Treatment Foot Socks

Summer time means sandal season, and that calls for cute feet. Dry, ashy feet are a major faux pas, but between your job, grad school, your kids and your social life, you don’t have a lot of time or cash for weekly pedicures. Well, I have the solution for that!

Discover IROHA Nature Intensive Treatment Foot Socks with peppermint aromatherapy and a moisturizing serum. After only 15 minutes of wearing these socks, your feet will feel soft, smooth and sexy. 

I recommend cleansing your feet and even giving them a quick exfoliation (either with a scrub or a pumice stone) before wearing the treatment socks. Pat your feet dry, put on the IROHA Nature Intensive Treatment Foot Socks, then put on a regular pair of socks over the treatment socks to keep them in place. Be careful. These socks are slippery. Don’t walk around in them. 

Sit back, relax, read a magazine, and after 15-20 minutes, enjoy moisturized, nourished feet. Once you’re removed the socks, treat yourself to a little massage, ensuring that the serum is absorbed into the skin.

You can use these foot treatment socks weekly or bi-weekly, and at only $9 per pack, you’ll be saving time and money. At the time of this blog post, you can get IROHA Nature Intensive Treatment Foot Socks on sale for only $6.75 at Ulta. Buy yourself a handful, and keep your feet sandal-ready all summer long. 

For more information, or to shop other IROHA beauty products, go to www.irohanature.com.

 Complimentary product received, but did not affect my opinion.

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