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Beauty Review: Cucumber Sheet Mask

Say goodbye to a dull complexion and hello to brighter skin. With the Cucumber Sheet Mask from Masque Bar by Look Beauty, you an reap the beauty benefits of cucumbers without having to visit the produce aisle.

For only $10, get three masks in one package and pamper your punim for a good half hour. In addition to cucumber extract, Masque Bar by Look Beauty’s Cucumber Sheet Mask is also formulated with Vitamin E and Collagen, both of which will repair your skin after harmful UV exposure. And who doesn’t need a bit of TLC after enjoying the summer?

Cooling, revitalizing, and hydrating, I really enjoyed using these masks, which created no mess and no fuss. And according to Healthy Beauty Tips, cucumber is great for glowing skin. My skin has been so dry because of the desert heat in Las Vegas, I could feel my face healing with every application of the sheet mask. With the price point being so affordable, I can conveniently head back to Target (where the mask is sold exclusively) and get myself some more. Ideally, I’ll use the mask weekly.

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to combat sun damage and revitalize your skin, then give the Cucumber Sheet Mask from Masque Bar by Look Beauty a try. Shop for it at Target.

Complimentary mask received, but did not affect my opinion.

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One Response to “Beauty Review: Cucumber Sheet Mask”

  1. Very cool! I’ll have to try. Thanks for the review! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    Love, Lindsey