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Lollie Shopped: Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire

I went to Northern California to visit a bestie in need of a pick-me-up and a distraction, and we spent an evening at the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire. We shopped. We browsed, and I, of course, drank a little sparkling wine. It was a great time with some great finds, and totally worth blogging about.

While the scale of event was relatively midsize, the vintage options were impressive. There was one booth that was nothing but shoes. There was another booth that was nothing but eye wear. And there was even another booth that was solely dedicated to men’s Hawaiian shirts. Most booths offered a mix of various apparel items, shoes, and accessories. One booth even featured band uniforms.

But what struck my friend Tara and me the most was the selection of vintage furs. There were SO many, we couldn’t get enough. I ended up purchasing a black leather vest with fur trim for only $20. And I also got a mink fur vest for $70. It belonged to the seller’s grandmother, and I could tell she didn’t really want to part with it, but she explained she’s a vegetarian and doesn’t believe in fur. I promised her that I would take good care of it. I will.

Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire 3

Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire 2 a

Tara got a gorgeous silver fox cape and a black wool coat with fur trim. We both fell in love with the long velvet cape with fur trim, but she ended up passing on it. She said it felt very heavy and just didn’t think she’d wear it enough. But she sure looks cute in it, doesn’t she?

Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire 5

Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire 4

Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire 6

The fair overall was just fun. There was a DJ playing cool, retro, rockabilly music and a hula-hoop go-go dancer. Sellers were friendly and flexible on price. Tara and I were both able to get sellers to come down on everything we purchased. All items for sale were in good condition and clean, and all booths took the time to merchandise their areas and make them attractive to shop. From the ticket takers to the ladies selling refreshments, fair staff members were cheerful and helpful. I definitely want to return again and make this a regular occurrence in my life.

Keep up with the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire by going to its website at www.alamedapointantiquesfaire.com. And keep up with my friend Tara, who is a makeup artist, at www.tarathompsonartistry.com.

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