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[Photo by:Elizabeth Buehring, Pure Plush Photography. Makeup by: Tara Elaine Thompson.]

I inspire people to shop!

My name is Laura Coronado and I am a fashion blogger and freelance writer obsessed with shoes, mascara and shopping. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I have a passion for proving that fashion DOES exist in Las Vegas.

I live to shop, but I also live to write about it, which I do here at Lollie Shopping, as well as for the Las Vegas Travel Guide of the Los Angeles Times. And, I live to share. When I find the cutest fashion or the most impressive bargains, I love to share that information with my readers, Twitter followers and Facebook fans. Simply put: I inspire people to shop.

My mother nicknamed me Lollipop as a child. As an adult, people called me Lollie. Since I love to shop, that’s how the name “Lollie Shopping” came about.

Mission Statement: To inspire the belief that every person has the potential to look good, no matter her/his age, body shape or income.

Purpose: To make fashion, good personal style and satisfying shopping accessible, attainable and affordable.

Would you like me to write for you?

I am accepting freelance opportunities. CLICK HERE to visit my online portfolio.

Would you like Lollie Shopping to help promote your brand?

I can review your product, feature your apparel in my Outfit of the Week, or promote your brand by writing a special blog post about you. If you’re willing to share your story with others in addition to promoting your brand or product, you may want to consider allowing me to feature you in an interview. You may also advertise on my blog. Please inquire.

Need fashion advice?

Do you need style guidance? Fashion tips? Good shopping assistance? Email me, @ reply me on Twitter or leave a post on my Facebook page with your “Fashion Impossible.” I would love to help!

Contact me at: lollieshoppingblog@gmail.com.