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A Woman’s Right to Shoes

Over the weekend, I watched an old “Sex and the City” episode. It was the one where Carrie goes to an obligatory meet-the-baby party, is told she has to remove her Manolo Blahnik shoes in order to enter the party, and then has her shoes stolen by the end of the night.

The moral of the story is really about women supporting other women’s lifestyle choices, however different they may be. While some of us grow up to be mothers, others of us (myself included) choose to grow up and invest in our shoes.

Now, what I really got out of the story is that Carrie was dumb for not realizing her Manolos were going to be stolen. I mean, hello? She could see the lump of dumpy shoes that had already piled up before her, and her little designer duo stood out among that crowd. Why, oh why, did she think her shoes would be safe?

If I’m at a party where I know everyone at the party really well (so well, in fact, that I know everyone’s shoe sizes; therefore, if my shoes were stolen, I know who to suspect), then I am comfortable removing my shoes when requested to do so.

However, if I’m going to a party where I only know the hostess, then I won’t wear super-cute, steal-worthy shoes. Or, I will keep a pair of flip flops or roll-up shoes in my car. Then when I’m asked to remove my shoes, I walk back to my car, switch out shoes, then leave the non-steal-worthy ones at the door as I enjoy the party in my bare feet. And, yes, I have been quite blunt about my fear that my shoes will be stolen, thus explaining the trip back to my car to switch out my shoes.

I totally understand the practice of leaving outdoor shoes at the door. I respect a person’s wish to keep outdoor germs outdoors. And more and more people are getting into this habit. So I urge you to be prepared for such an event.

A woman has a right to protect her home from allergens and dirt. But other women also have a right to shoes. Protect yours from being stolen by the end of the night. The next time you head to a party, prepare for being asked to remove your shoes. Here are my tips:

1. Leave your designer shoes at home. Instead, wear the cute ones you got at Charlotte Russe for under $50.

2. Keep a pair of flip flops or roll-up shoes in your car. If you encounter that awkward moment when you are asked to leave your shoes at the door, just head back to your car and switch shoes. I’m bold and honest and have no qualms about explaining the truth of my return trip to my car, but if you’re not quite so blunt, just lie and say you left something in your car. Then head back and switch shoes.

3. Carry a shoe bag or a small canvas tote with you in your handbag. When asked to take your shoes off, just place your shoes in the bag. You can leave the bag with the other shoes at the door (no one can see how cute they are, so they might be safe) or carry the bag with you all night.

Trust your gut. If you’re in atmosphere where you think your shoes could be stolen, be honest with yourself about that. We all want to give new people a chance; and we all try to avoid being snobby or prejudiced. But… I always say it’s better to trust your gut and come off as a bitch than it is to fall victim to anyone. A woman has a right to shoes. And I will protect mine at all costs.

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