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’90s Fashion I Don’t Miss

My husband and I are re-watching “The X-Files” via Netflix streaming. In doing so, I’m rediscovering how much I love the show and my nostalgia for that decade, but I’m also learning what I don’t miss from that flannel-filled era in time.

As I watch Dana Scully operate with skepticism, I recall certain outfits that I once wore and certain styles that I didn’t like then and still don’t. Nineties fashion is making a comeback, people, but let’s all be grateful that it doesn’t include the following:

1. Tapestry vests. While Scully was certainly never seen in one of these hideous things, the wife of an X-Files subject was (Episode 2). You remember tapestry vests, don’t you? Your art teacher wore them, usually featuring a cat or dog print. Maybe even your mother or grandmother wore them to church. I hated those things back in the ’90s and I hate them now. I’m so glad this is a trend that will never return. But if it does, I’ll take it as a sign of the apocalypse.

tapestry vest 1

2. Collar-less blazers. I confess: I wore this trend. At the time it seemed like a way to be professional yet fashion forward. But now, it just comes off as illogical apparel. The only thing worse than a collar-less blazer is a long collar-less blazer that hits mid-thigh. Unfortunately, retailers are still selling these things. But I advise you to avoid them. They’re too harsh and stark.

By Malene Birger Simplicity Long Blazer $575.00 - Saks Fifth

By Malene Birger Simplicity Long Blazer $575.00 – Saks Fifth

3. Chunky print ties. While I’m enjoying re-watching “The X-Files,” Mulder’s ties are totally getting on my nerves. I’d forgotten how thick and chunky the prints were on ties back then. They just look so clunky. No wonder no one could take Mulder seriously. Look at that tie!

mulder tie

But there are a couple of things that “The X-Files” has made me miss: the rounded bob and the rosy smoky eye. I totally wore the rounded bob back in the day. And while I have no plans to cut my hair, I am missing this spunky hairstyle. But I do plan on bringing the rosy smoky eye back. It’s so soft and mysterious. It deserves a comeback.

rounded bob


Images from “The X-Files” are property of Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox Television. 

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5 Responses to “’90s Fashion I Don’t Miss”

  1. Becky Harnsberry

    a collarless vest was worn back then, with a belt ( as a fashion statement) and with the center opened about 4 inches right at the belt.

  2. I love the collarless blazer. In fact, I think I own two. One which is a “boyfriend fit”. Lol

  3. Haha 😀 ! I didn’t even remember these so obvioulsy not fond of them. I wore tapestry vests, tho 😀 . The tiny backbags is something that I’m also not missing 😉

  4. Loved this post – does make me feel a little old though – when the shows you remember idolizing for their great style – X Files – Clueless – Sex in the City start to look dated… makes you stop and think a minute…

    PS- I had a floral tapestry vest that I just thought was the coolest thing since sliced bread – ha! Great post!

    • Laura

      Hi, Jenny. Funny about the tapestry vest, but you’re not alone. I feel old, too! LOL Thanks for leaving a comment.