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10 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Don’t let the summer sunshine fool you. Cold and flu season is upon us. In my office, we’ve already had three people catch some kind of bug, and I’m planning to hit the pharmacy very soon for my flu shot.

But a lot of people are not on board with getting an immunization. Some people complain about feeling sick afterward. Others have an aversion to needles. And many folks just don’t trust medicine and prefer to stay healthy in a natural way.

While I am a total believer in the flu shot, it doesn’t protect me from the common cold. So, I still have to rely on other methods to remain healthy. One of my tried and true tricks for avoiding the cold is to simply wash my hands, like, a lot. But apparently, there are a lot of other homeopathic ways to stop from getting sick.

Dr. Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., L.Ac., A.H.G., Director at Rainbow Light, an e-commerce website that sells natural food-based nutritional supplements, has created 10 ways to boost your immune system and give you an edge on fighting colds and flus this fall. They’re easy tips to follow, effective, and something that everyone in your family can incorporate into their daily routines.

Do what you can to maintain your health and not spread viruses and bacteria among your friends, loved ones, and coworkers. Take Dr. Hobbs’ advice and put into action these 10 ways to boost your immune system. Stay healthy!

  1. Get regular exercise. Regular exercise helps condition resistance to infections by circulating blood and immune cells.
  2. Practice hydrotherapy. After exercise, get into a cool swimming pool or shower to help circulate surface immunity. Hydrotherapy has been practiced in many cultures for at least 2,000 years to help maintain and restore health.
  3. Sleep is vital. In one study, the cold virus was swabbed into two groups of volunteers. One group was allowed eight hours sleep, while the other was restricted to less than seven hours. The latter group was three times more likely to contract a respiratory infection (Cohen et al, 2009).
  4. Address symptoms early. If you start feeling under the weather, try an herbal remedy with herbs researched for immune support (elderberry, andrographis, berberine) like Rainbow Light® Counter Attack™ Immuno-Response to bolster immunity and reduce symptom severity.
  5. Try adding immune-boosting products and nutrients into your diet.
  6. Limit sugar and processed foods. These items can have a negative effect on your health, especially when immunity is compromised.
  7. Incorporate garlic into dishes. Fresh garlic has natural immune-boosting qualities. Try to incorporate it into your meals, particularly if you aren’t feeling well.
  8. Take a daily multivitamin. It’s difficult to get all of our daily nutrients from food. Fill gaps in your diet through a multivitamin to get what you need for optimal health. Rainbow Light has a great variety of multivitamins for the entire family.
  9. Drink hot green tea. It contains compounds that help strengthen resistance.
  10. Get fresh air. Dress warmly and venture outdoors, even if only for a short, brisk walk. The fresh air invigorates and boosts natural defenses.

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